I didn't know I had Canadian relatives, turns out I did and they served for Canada

This is my Grandmother’s Uncle… Alfred James Matthews. Learned of this through some family history my Dad is doing…



http://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/exhibitions/vimy/index_e.shtml where he fought


Was doing some search on his military assignments/battles and hospitals where he was rehabbing from his battle injuries—by my count (thus far) he was in 10 different hospitals and in 1915 alone he was hospitalized 143 days for gunshot wounds. He was wounded in France @ the front and was sent to England for treatment and convalescence –sometimes within 30-40 miles from the home he left with my grandfather (his brother, David) in 1910. By the way, he was paid as a soldier $2.00 a day, plus 60 cents when at the front and $1.00 for mess (food) as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). He had 2 “field (battlefield) promotions. When he died in June 1917 his military pay account had $610 in it. It was sent to his wife Mabel---who he married 86 days earlier. She received a lump sum payment of $240 from the government for losing her husband and a widow’s pension of $30 per month until she remarried on January 2, 1919.

While doing further research on Alfred, I found that his military citation for “conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty” had a hand-written footnote of “Fresnoy and May 3rd 1917.” He was with the 1st Battalion, Canadian Infantry which fought there. The engagement was the 3 May 1917, Fresnoy - 3rd Battle of the Scarpe I have learned. This was where he was wounded and sent 8 days later (11 May 1917) to the Duchess of Westminster Hospital  @ Le Touquet, where he remained until his death on 13 June 1917.


Story from John Dunlap.