John Rene Lalonde

I just wanted to share the story of my grandfather who served  in the Canadian Navy during World War 2.

honour those who served- john lalondeJohn Rene Lalonde served on the HMCS Algoma, a Corvette class, providing escort duty across the North Atlantic.  His story is simple as he left a young family to serve Canada and the Allies during war.  I think the most important take away I have is the importance of honoring those who sacrificed so much.  My grandfather always expressed that importance to me when I was younger and it has resonated with me throughout the years.  I pass this same message to my sons  and family.  I was also very lucky to see my grandfather live a very long life and will cherish  all the times I had with him.
STAND ON GUARD is an excellent way to pay tribute to all veterans and first responders who help keep us safe and free.  My hat off to all those who made this possible.
Please wear a poppy and support these wonderful charities , not just today but always.
Shawn Lalonde